How To: Set up a Canon 7D for slow motion

Set up a Canon 7D for slow motion

In this video, learn how to set-up a Canon EOS 7D camera for slow motion. Learn about the settings you need to use to prepare to shoot in one of the high speed modes. To see more of the videos on this subject, check out the parts below, especially on processing the slow motion film.

1. How to prep a Canon 7D to shoot in HD movie mode
2. How to set up a Canon 7D for slow motion
3. How to process slow motion film for the Canon 7D & 5D D90
4. How to use the Canon 7D Nikon lens adapter & manual lenses
5. How to choose the right lens for a project with a Canon 7D
6. How to use a Canon 7D & understand recording audio issues

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