How To: Use the SD-8A battery pack for the Nikon SB-800

Use the SD-8A battery pack for the Nikon SB-800

This video demonstrates how to use a Nikon SD-80 Battery Pack with a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight. The first step is to identify the different power adaptors on the ends of the cable leading to the battery pack. This pack is powered with AA batteries. Remove the outlet plate on the SD-80 and insert the power cable into the SB-800 Speedlight. Then attach the communication cord to the Speedlight. Now place the Speedlight in the hotshoe of the Nikon camera and let the battery pack dangle or attach it to your tripod if you are using one. Power up the Speedlight and enter the settings in the Mode functions on the Speedlight. Finally take some test shots to ensure that you have the settings correctly entered and check the battery pack's sensor light as you use the camera to make sure the battery pack is working correctly. If the red light on the battery pack flashes when the camera takes a shot, then the pack is working correctly.

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