How To: Use your laptop as a monitor with the Canon 5D or 7D

Use your laptop as a monitor with the Canon 5D or 7D

Tony Reale from Creative Edge Productions shows you how to use your laptop as an on-set monitor using the Canon EOS Utility software. Not only can you monitor your shots, but you can change focus, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. The feed is a little choppy, but it's a great and inexpensive fix in a pinch.

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not very useful when you dont let us know what connections to use, i tried the hdmi and it didnt work. and there is no instructions for utility disk to understand how it works.

I believe you just use the USB cord that came with your camera. That's what I use.

Raif Balentine if you paid any attention to the video you would notice that at the very beginning and at 2:41 the camera is connected to the laptop by ..........? Anyone want to finish this for me?

Isn't there a possible way to do the same but with hdmi cable?

i use the USB cord and i can't record video while my 5D attached to the laptop (asus 12 inch netbook). is the any suggestion?

is there anyway, to record directly to th PC and not into the memorycard?

Is there a way to connect my 7D to PC through a wireless connection.

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