How To: Operate the Nikon D90 Digital Camera

Operate the Nikon D90 Digital Camera

Watch this instructional video brought to you by Richard Berry to learn how to operate the Nikon D90. This Nikon D90 video tutorial demonstrates how to use the control dial (auto mode, scene modes, program [P], shutter priority [S], aperture priority [A], and manual [M]); read the display and viewfinder; adjust the aperture, shutter speed, focus, spot meter, matrix, exposure compensation, etc.; use the back command dial; and more. Use this Nikon D90 tutorial to familiarize yourself with your new digital camera.

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how to Set, operate remote on D90 Nikon on continuous shooting on Manual & Auto setting

need to know how to operate camera on bulb --with f stop about 11 --16 ?

So far it has helped greatly. I just received my camera yesterday so all is new and some what confusing.

Pls can some1 advise on how to set up my D90 so that I can see the display the electronic anolog for accuracy on shutter spead and aperture.
I want it to display on the top view finder not the big display on the back

Thank a Mill

can any one help me to figure out how to use bulb on my nikon D90

Bought my D90 yesterday. Only after surfing the website I know it will replace very soon. .. Never mind....Usually using hand phone as a camera. So I need to learn a lot and found out this is a very information website. TQ

Have D90 and I'm trying to use the video part but there is a / across rec so I can't use anyone know how to fix this?

Could be that you have an SD card that's too new for the camera. If you have an SDXC card, try an SDHC one instead for video.

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