How To: Change image quality options on the Canon EOS 7D

Change image quality options on the Canon EOS 7D

You want the best quality photos you can get, and the Canon EOS 7D digital SLR camera makes perfecting your pictures easy. There is a range of technologies to enhance image quality. This video shows you the many options you can use.

Image Quality Options:
• Fine-tune the camera using a series of image quality options:
- Highlight Tone Priority to extend dynamic range in bright and high contrast conditions
- Auto Lighting Optimizer for adding detail in shadows and underexposed areas
- Peripheral Illumination Correction helps reduce vignetting through customized settings per lens
- Three levels of High ISO noise reduction

Canon On-Camera Tutorial Videos explore a specific feature or technology of the EOS 7D. These instructional videos are designed to be viewed at your convenience: Watch them online, on the go, or even on your camera's rear LCD screen -- so you can follow along, every step of the way!

To download and playback a tutorial on your EOS 7D's LCD, follow these simple directions.

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