News: Can Your Camera Take 48,000 Foot Wide Photos?

Can Your Camera Take 48,000 Foot Wide Photos?

Apparently the Canon 7D can (with a little help from GigaPan, of course).

Via WonderHowTo World, Canon EOS 7D:

"Canon's 7D is yet again changing the game as part of a mind-boggling year in DSLR, filmmaking and photography history!

GigaPan's Robotic Mount has created the World's Largest Panoramic Photo at 45-Giga Pixels.... Get that. Gigapixels!"

Can Your Camera Take 48,000 Foot Wide Photos?

GigaPan's massive photo of Dubai is the size of of nearly 1,200 billboards. (Say billboards are on average about 40' wide, that would be 48,000 feet wide!).

GigaPan says:

"4,250 individual shots taken with a Canon 7D and the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L zoom at 400mm. Total shooting time circa 3 hours 30 minutes, in 37C heat (that's the temperature in the shade - the camera and lens were almost too hot to touch at the end of this)."

The most amazing part? You can zoom FOREVER. Here is an example of just how far in you can go. The image below is just one teeny, tiny part of the Dubai photo, entitled "Sitting in the Shade":

Can Your Camera Take 48,000 Foot Wide Photos?

Find it hard to believe? Do some zooming yourself.

GigaPan's behind-the-scenes process video:

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AWE, where can i get the full resolution shot for myself. If I could get a .jpg,.png, any file format I can view, I would be so happy. This is amazing reference material.

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