How To: Root Your Samsung Galaxy Camera with CF AutoRoot

Root Your Samsung Galaxy Camera with CF AutoRoot

As if Samsung's Galaxy series isn't already ruling the smartphone and tablet world, they've now moved on to digital point-and-shoots with their new Samsung Galaxy Camera.

The smartphone/tablet/camera hybrid comes equipped with a 16-megapixel image sensor and a touchscreen equivalent to that of the Galaxy S3's size. Not only can you instantly upload photos and 1080p video to the social media of your choice, you can also surf the web and download apps from Google Play as you would any other Android device.

For those that have already purchased the camera (or are considering it), there is more good news—it's been rooted, thanks to XDA Developer AdamOutler.

Quick Instructions for Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy Camera

  • Unzip this package.
  • Launch Odin3 and put the CF-Auto-Root-gd1-ekgc100.tar.md5 file in the "PDA" section.
  • Put your device into Download Mode by removing and replacing the battery. Press Volume Down + Camera + Power.
  • Connect the device to the computer and press start.

Note: This cannot hurt the device, because full recovery is possible with a 1.1gig Odin flash.

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