News: The Camera of the Future (According To Lady Gaga)

The Camera of the Future (According To Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga made an appearance at this year's CES to present what she claims to be "the camera of the future": a pair of photo and video capturing sunglasses, designed by Gaga for Polaroid. Though more of a novelty gadget than a useful camera, the GL20 camera glasses could potentially turn your face into a real life facebook feed.

The Camera of the Future (According To Lady Gaga)

They work like this (via the Las Vegas Sun):

"The glasses include a built-in camera and dual LCD screens that display photos or videos on the outer side of the lens. Photos and videos can be uploaded to a USB drive, which is located in an earpiece, or sent to other devices via Bluetooth."

The collaboration also includes an eco-friendly cell-phone printer and a "sexy, sleek, and hardy" Polaroid camera. The GL20 camera glasses will be available later this year, and the price hasn't been announced yet. Here's something to hold you off in the meantime (+ step-by-step instructions):

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Neat idea, but anything promoting even MORE facebook trash i feel obligated to oppose. And you just know that people who buy this arent going to go out and do interesting things, theyre going to sit in a public bathroom and pose for pictures with their friends. "OMG SO RANDOM LOL XD".

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