How To: Use Aperture Priority Mode on a Nikon D80 D-SLR camera

Use Aperture Priority Mode on a Nikon D80 D-SLR camera

Here's a creative control that let's you decide what will be in focus when shooting with your Nikon digital SLR. Watch this photography tutorial video to learn how to use Aperture Priority Mode on your Nikon D80 camera.

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I really enjoyed Brian Cooley as he was able to sort out some basic D80 functional issues I had. For the last five years I have been partly sighted and registered blind so public reaction to me with my Guide Dog in once hand and my D80 in the other has been varied at best! My blindness is due to me developing over 80% field loss, but what I do see, I SEE!!! I enjoyed photography all my l;ice and couldn't let my blindness stop that. It was challenging five years ago at the start, but now I'm getting places again. Thanks for your help Brian.

Sorry about the typo! That should read, I enjoyed photography all my "Life"!!!!!

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