How To: Unlock secret features on your digital camera

Unlock secret features on your digital camera

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Forget about paying for a new camera: this simple firmware hack gives Canon PowerShot cameras a real kick in the pants!

From Revision3:
Your Canon's PowerShot isn't cutting the mustard? You want to upgrade to a more expensive camera? Looking for RAW, ISO modes, motion sensing, shutter speed selections and more?


Before you spend any money on a new camera, try upgrading the firmware on your PowerShot using the CHDK firmware.

This open source project brings your camera a host of new options including increased shutter speed selections, ISO modes, RAW write modes, live histograms, and video record options.

Plus with the addition of scripts functions like motion sensitive photography or HDR time lapse can be performed.

The best thing is the firmware is not permanent. If you don't like it, you can go back to running your camera stock without any worries of left over code or potential damage.

CHDK is the best way to get the most out of your PowerShot camera for -free- whether it's the budget A line or the advanced G series, watch this show to learn how to try it out today!

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