How To: Get started with the Canon PowerShot SD940 IS

Get started with the Canon PowerShot SD940 IS

Here are a few tips and setting suggestions when getting started with your Canon PowerShot. This is a very portable and user friendly, point and shoot digital camera that has a few neat tricks up it's sleeve so experiment and have fun.

With the versatile Canon PowerShot SD940 IS, it's easy for anyone to take state-of-the-art photographs anytime, anywhere.

You Will Need

* Canon PowerShot SD940 IS
* Memory card
* Fondness for photography
* Microphone (optional)

Step 1: Shoot out of the box

Step 2: Find great shots

Step 3: Focus on quality

Step 4: Give yourself a break

Step 5: Take control

Step 6: Direct your life

Step 7: Save and print

Step 8: Get it to go

Canon USA, Inc. was initially called Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory

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